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Welcome to Reach International Children’s Center

There are over 3,000 street children in Bungoma County. Approximately 120 children sleep on the streets nightly in the city of Bungoma with over 50% abusing drugs. Inhalants such as glue and paint thinners are often utilized to suppress hunger and to stay warm. The Reach International Children’s Center has been established to rescuerehabilitate, and restore the street boys in Bungoma, Kenya.


The youth attend a local academy and RICC programming assists in bringing each child up to the appropriate grade level, preparing them for work and higher education.

Mental Health

In addition to a safe and physically healthy environment, the youth take part in various therapy models such as group therapy, individual counselling, agriculture, music, art and sports.

Physical Health

We provide ongoing health care through the Mission of Mercy clinic. Each child is kept current on vaccinations as recommended by Kenya's Ministry of Health.

Shelter and Care

We provide a safe family environment where the children receive love, care and responsibilities. Core values are adopted in preparation for their future fostering and families.


Through prayer, biblical guidance, and engagement with local Christian leaders, we provide a nurturing environment that fosters their relationship with God and instills Christian ethics and principles.


We rescue the youth from the streets providing them with a safe environment with necessary care. This is done through bi-weekly outreach programs conducted in conjunction with local partners.


We rehabilitate the youth rescued from the streets by providing spiritual, health and mental care while under our guidance. This prepares them to be restored to their families and society at large.


We reintegrate the rehabilitated young people back into society through the key foundational building unit, a loving family. We then monitor the reintegration through monthly follow up visits.
Safe + Easy Donations

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Every minute that passes is a lost opportunity to save a street child’s life. We need YOU to continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and restore street children in Kenya. We need volunteers and donors who are willing to give something as valuable as time and donations to continue to change lives. If you want to be part, START TODAY! There is no time to lose.

Invest In a Brighter Tomorrow!

Every donation counts and brings us closer to ensuring a better tomorrow for these children.




Our Mission

Rescue. Rehabilitate. Restore.

Address the problem of street children by creating a system that transforms the abandoned and orphaned into healthy, educated and loved young leaders through a multi-lateral partnership with churches, government, communities, and volunteers.

Our Vision

Education. Healthcare. Welfare.

To promote access to education, healthcare, and welfare service for street children

Through partnering with various stakeholders in local government, churches and healthcare institutions, Reach International Children’s Center hopes to give every street child a dignified life and hopefully restore them to their families.

Our Values

We Work With Our Partners In Bungoma

With local and international partners, we work with our values of Love, Care, Integrity and Understanding to provide a safe environment for rescued boys. Also, we help donors make safe and easy donations towards rescuing street families.

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Why We Need You?

To rescue street children

We rely on monthly donations to run bi-weekly outreach activities with street children to support them and identify possible children to rescue.

To enhance education

Donations enable us to improve educational opportunities, provide learning resources, and support their needs to be able to study. By investing in education, RICC helps equip children with the knowledge and skills needed to break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future.

To provide specialized services to the rescued boys

Donations help ensure that these children receive the care and opportunities they deserve to thrive and succeed. You can contribute to the provision of healthcare services, including medical check-ups, vaccinations, and access to essential medications. By prioritizing health and well-being, RICC helps safeguard the physical and mental health of our kids.

To be able to restore our kids

When we have already rescued and rehabilitated the kids, we start a restoring process where we work with families and communities to be a good place for our children to be restored. In some cases, we decide to invest in boarding school to avoid the risk of negative conditions after the program.


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