Esther Mayeku

R.I.C.C. Program Director

Esther Mayeku is the program director of Reach International Children’s Center. She has a bachelor’s degree in commerce, in additional to several other trainings on topics ranging from leadership, to insurance, to life skills. She has worked with the Mission of Mercy Clinic in both admin and financial roles, as well as with the Krep Bank providing customer care, and with the brokers of Clarkson Insurance as a medical underwriter.

Esther loves what she does. She loves to work with young people, and to see them achieve their dreams. To her, it’s not just a job, but a place of complete fulfillment, especially pertaining to the transformation of these boys in the home. She is thrilled that she gets to use the combination of her giftings of administration, and her passion, to make great things happen regardless of all obstacles. She is driven by the desire to use her expertise to both transform lives, and to give hope back to the hopeless in her community.

Regarding the Reach Children’s Center

“The seven boys coming in were all in the streets. The majority of them come from families were the parents are alcoholic… they beat them. Some of them are poor, some of them are orphans, or are left to guardians who don’t care for them. The majority of them don’t understand parental love.

I’m so grateful to God because it’s not ordinary to have people with hearts for people that they don’t know. The majority of them give towards this project – you provide for this project, you sacrifice for this project… it’s not in vain. I want to assure you that your sacrifice and your giving is not in vain. You are a blessing to our own families, because some of this stuff, the giving and the salaries we get is a blessing to us. I’m so grateful.”