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Construction, Growth, and More

March 2019

Well, it has been nearly a year since the home opened, and things are going very well! Today, the home is now host to no less than 16 boys!

Over the summer of 2018 a series of construction projects took place on the property, resulting in the completion of a new basketball court, a soccer field, a dining pavilion, and more for the boys. As anyone who has taken care of boys – or has even been a boy – knows, there’s nothing more important than healthy activities to help get all that energy out. (And then fueling that energy with a proper diet, of course.)

Speaking of nutrition, the boys are responding quite positively to a balanced meal plan, and in turn they are growing. Bodies that were a bit stunted in terms of growth early on from the streets are now reaping the rewards of quality food, and are making up for lost time through some serious growth spurts.

In regards to education, 14 of the boys are now in school. And we’re not talking about classes on the property, but actually attending the local school, off-site, and the best news is this: they are excelling. Some of the boys are – quite literally – at the top of their class. Tutors are helping, and boys who basically have had to start over are also jumping grade levels quickly, catching up to their peers.

At the home, the boys are also taking music classes and dance lessons. Some of them have even taken up and instrument or two!

The boys are also growing in their understanding of the Lord. Between daily devotionals and Sunday service, the young men are getting filled with scriptures with a focus on the Fatherhood of God. It is reinforced consistently to these boys – who had no home – that they are loved, they are children of the most high, and they are not alone.

We are excited for next steps. In the days ahead we will be assessing which boys may be ready for the third phase of the rehabilitation, in that they move out of the home into a family setting. (Whether it’s real family or foster care will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.) As mentioned previously, it was never the intention that this home be an orphanage, rather, a rehabilitation center that could save these boys from the streets and prepare them to thrive in society. With the help of God and a dedicated team, we are on track for just that.

We also hope to soon have the donation and “sponsor a child” portions of this website ready to go, so please, subscribe for update and we will keep you posted as soon as those features are functional!

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