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Finding the Right Property


Pastor Mark Haywood took several trips to Kenya, embarking what he likes to call “House Hunters International, Abundant Life Style.” After much searching, Mark had found a large property within a nice town, very good for their needs, and yet… it didn’t work out. Despite a wall around the property (for protection) and the multiple buildings, the sellers decided to play hardball after seeing the interest by Pastor Mark and his team. When the sellers nearly doubled the price after being approached by Abundant Life, the team was forced to turn it down.

There was also an issue with the owner being in the middle of a divorce, there was a whole family dispute in play… not good. The entire situation was just getting too complicated, and the team ultimately decided that it didn’t feel right.

Starting Over

Starting over after two years of searching (and then negotiating) was indeed a challenge. In August of 2015, the team went back and started house hunting all over again. Pushing through the fatigue, trying not to let past disappointments get them down – while at the same time not trying to get their hopes up – they found a property that was surprisingly nice. There was the beginnings of a wall, it was on a private road, and it was located ten minutes outside of town. It was a beautiful, and exactly what they were looking for.

In another serendipitous twist, the real estate agent that was there with the Abundant Life team reached out to some local connected, and Bishop Emanuel (from King Jesus Faith Ministries) actually knew the woman who was selling the home. As luck would have it, her husband was working for the United Nations as a peacekeeper, and was actually visiting the United States while this visit with the property happened.

They entered negotiations, quickly settled on a price, and purchased the home.

In October/November of 2016, the Reach team from Abundant Life Church closed on the property.

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