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Outreach Continues, Field Trips for the Boys

September 2019

The boys are doing great! However, it’s important to remember that the effects of Reach International continue to help those not just in the home, but also in the community. There are others in need in Bungoma, and while we can’t take them all in, we can still help.

There are those who are hungry. We feed them. During an outreach session (which we conduct on a regular basis), over a hundred hungry are fed and cared for. Then there are those who need medical attention. We help there too, assessing medical needs in conjunction with the local clinic, and providing whatever free care we can. Then there are basic material needs:clothing, toiletries, etc. We gift and give away what we’re able, including soap, shirts, underwear, and beyond.

Still, more importantly than any of the above, is our drive to spread the Word of God. Local churches join us during these sessions,sending their youth pastors to minister the gospel, offering nourishment to a whole other kind of hunger. It wouldn’t do to merely feed the body, when the soul is in need as well. We are there to educate, to pray, to teach, and more.

What’s New With the Boys?

Back at the home, the boys to continue to grow, and to thrive. We are proud to report that not only are they in school, but that some of them are at the top of their class! And not only have the boys rehabilitated to the point where they can go to school, but now, they’re going on field trips! To parks, pools, and beyond, acclimation is taking place, which is exactly what the program was designed to do.

Heading into 2020, we are looking forward to implementing the next phase of the program, which consists of getting the boys into foster homes. The plan and process is currently being mapped out that will allow for registration and certification of foster parents, with in-depth strategies for ongoing mentoring, detailed follow-up, and proper care and compensation. This step is a crucial one, so great care is being taken to ensure that it is done right. (Stay tuned to this website for updates!)

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