Bungoma, Kenya

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Join us in our mission at RICC to rescue and provide a better future for vulnerable street boys in Bungoma. Your generous support will make a lasting impact, offering them hope, safety, and the opportunity to thrive. Together, we can transform lives and create a brighter future for these deserving boys.




Rescue, Rehabilitation, Restore - Join Today!

Rescue: We reach out to boys on the streets, offering them a chance to come to our house. You can be part of the rescue program of RICC and change lives with us for just $35 per month.

Rehabilitation: We provide shelter, care, faith, emotional support, physical health, and education to equip the boys with the tools they need for reintegration. Sponsor a child for $100 per month.

Restoration: We reintegrate boys into their families and society. They continue their education and become contributing members of the community. Support this process with $75 per month and transform lives with us.

Sowing Change: Invest in Farmland to Provide Nourishment for Our Boys

Our project aims to acquire farmland for nutritious food and agricultural skills to empower rescued boys’ physical well-being.

We need to fundraise $30,000 to develop the project. Join our family and help us build a better program for our children.

Do you want to give your time at RICC?

We have several programs in which you can give your time. Either by volunteering at house chores, promoting a corporate volunteering day at your job or choosing to become a missionary for 1, 3, 6 or more than one year at RICC.

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