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Be a HERO. Sponsor a child TODAY!

You can change lives with us by sponsoring a child who is part of our program. Your donation will go towards paying for food, school fees, clothing, hospital bills, therapy sessions or recreational activities. With your help, the rescued boys will be on a path towards successful rehabilitation and restoration to loving families. Your donation will also help mold them into useful members of society.


We reach out to boys on the streets, offering them a chance to come to our house. You can be part of the rescue program of RICC and change lives with us for just $35 per month.


We provide shelter, care, faith, emotional support, physical health, and education to equip the boys with the tools they need for reintegration. Sponsor a child for $100 per month.


We reintegrate boys into their families and society. They continue their education and become contributing members of the community. Support this process with $75 per month and transform lives with us.

FAQs about sponsorship

Frequently Asked Questions: Child Sponsorship at REACH International Children's Center

1. What is child sponsorship at RICC?

Child sponsorship at REACH International Children's Center is a meaningful and impactful way to directly contribute to the well-being, education, and future of a vulnerable child. Through your sponsorship, you provide financial support that covers essential needs, education, healthcare, and emotional development.

2. How does child sponsorship work?

When you choose to sponsor a child at RICC, you make a regular monthly contribution that helps cover their basic needs, education costs, healthcare, and other essentials. Your sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child receives holistic care, fostering their growth and development.

3. How are children selected for sponsorship?

Children eligible for sponsorship at RICC are carefully selected based on their level of need, family situation, and background. Our team works to match sponsors with children who would benefit most from their support, ensuring that every child receives the care they require.

4. Can I choose the child I sponsor?

Yes, you can express a preference for sponsoring a child based on age, or other criteria. While we strive to accommodate preferences, please understand that our priority is to match sponsors with children who need assistance the most.

5. How does my sponsorship make an impact?

Your sponsorship creates a lasting impact by providing access to education, healthcare, nutritious meals, safe shelter, and emotional support. You're investing in their future, offering them a chance to break the cycle of poverty and achieve their dreams.

6. Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Absolutely! Through regular updates, letters, and even visits if possible, you can develop a meaningful connection with your sponsored child. Your encouragement and support play a vital role in their emotional well-being and growth.

7. What information will I receive about my sponsored child?

You'll receive updates about your sponsored child's progress, including their educational achievements, health updates, and personal milestones. These updates offer a glimpse into the impact of your sponsorship and the positive changes you're facilitating.

8. Can I visit my sponsored child at RICC?

By this time, we are not able to facilitate individual visiting. We will let you know in the future, if it is possible. Thanks for your understanding.

9. How long does sponsorship last?

Sponsorship is a long-term commitment that provides consistent support to a child's growth and development. While there's no set duration, we encourage sponsors to maintain their support for as long as they can to ensure sustained impact.

10. How do I start sponsoring a child at RICC?

Starting your sponsorship journey is simple. Send us an email to and we will follow up on you to sponsor. Contact us directly to learn more about available children, choose a child to sponsor, and set up your regular contribution. Your commitment will immediately begin making a positive difference in a child's life.

For any further inquiries or to begin your child sponsorship journey, please don't hesitate to contact our team at