Bungoma, Kenya

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Our Proven Strategy

Rescuing, Restoring and Rehabilitating Street Children


We rescue the youth from the streets providing them with a safe environment with necessary care. This is done through bi-weekly outreach programs conducted in conjunction with local partners.


We rehabilitate the youth rescued from the streets by providing spiritual, health and mental care while under our guidance. This prepares them to be restored to their families and society at large.


We reintegrate the rehabilitated young people back into society through the key foundational building unit, a loving family. We then monitor the reintegration through monthly follow up visits.

Our Strategies for Success

We Provide

We provide ongoing health care through the Mission of Mercy Clinic. Each child is kept current on vaccinations as recommended by Kenya's Ministry of Health and their health monitored.

We Educate

The youth attend a local academy and RICC programming assists in bringing each child up to the appropriate grade level, preparing them for future careers and higher education.

We Nurture

We provide a safe family environment where the children receive love, care and responsibilities. Core values are adopted in preparation for their future fostering and families.

We Restore Families

Through prayer, biblical guidance, and engagement with Christian leaders, we provide a nurturing environment that fosters their relationship with God and instills Christian ethics and principles.
Funds Assistance

We Need Your Help

For RICC to carry out its mission successfully, we require your help to fund our various activities that involve supporting vulnerable children within and without our rescue home. 

We Use Donations to Fund Boys' Needs

Through the donations we receive, we fund various requirements the boys will need to have a successful transformation from street life. These include education, food, health (physical and emotional) and clothing.

We Maintain Facilities and Fund RICC activities

Through the donations we receive, we also maintain the RICC home and its facilities. We also carry out outreach programs to rescue more boys from the street while offering food and counselling services to street families.

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