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Do you want to give your time at RICC?

We have several programs in which you can give your time. Either by volunteering at house chores, promoting a corporate volunteering day at your job or choosing to become a missionary for 1, 3, 6 or more than one year at RICC.


Our local volunteering program is a community-driven initiative that aims to engage and empower individuals from the local community to contribute their time, skills, and expertise to support the organization’s various projects and activities.

If you have a skill like music, a sport or computer, don’t hesitate to fill this form and start your journey.


We offer individuals the opportunity to participate in meaningful volunteer work for varying durations, ranging from 1 month to more than 1 year. Missionaries can choose to engage in short-term assignments (1, 3, or 6 months) or opt for a more extended commitment, depending on their availability and interest.

During their stay, missionaries actively contribute to the organization’s initiatives, working closely with the local team to support and enrich the lives of vulnerable children and the community. They may be involved in various activities, such as educational programs, healthcare initiatives, community development projects, and environmental conservation efforts. The missionary program not only provides a chance to make a positive impact but also offers a unique cultural experience, allowing volunteers to immerse themselves in the local community and build meaningful relationships.

If you have an interest in becoming a missionary, please complete the application form to be considered. Please note this opportunity is self funded.


This program provides a platform for corporate teams to come together and contribute their time, skills, and resources to support the organization’s mission and projects. Companies can participate in one-day volunteering events where their collaborators join hands to assist with house maintenance tasks, such as repairing broken items, painting, and beautifying the living spaces for the children. Additionally, they can organize recreation activities with the kids, providing opportunities for fun, bonding, and learning.

The corporate volunteering program not only fosters a sense of team building and camaraderie among employees but also allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. By actively participating in the program, companies contribute to the well-being and development of vulnerable children and the local community, leaving a positive and lasting impact.

If interested, will the following link: