Bungoma, Kenya

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A Fantastic visit From ALC!

After many smiles and much fellowship, our friends from Abundant Life Church have made their farewells and are back on their way to the USA. Their visit was indeed a successful one!

Property Assessment

We were happy to hear that they agreed with us on the needs for the property. The road to the home is quite difficult, in a literal sense, and after just one time down its bumpy causeway they were emphatically pointing out that something has to be done. Likewise, our need for an incinerator and a new roof. Pray for us (or donate) regarding finances so that these repairs can be made.

Meetings and Presentations

Pastors Mark Haywood and Amy Carter made their visit to Kenya this time around with many items on the agenda, but the priority was discussing the notion of foster care with both local government officials, and with the local pastors in the greater Bungoma area. It was unclear up front how this concept would be appreciated by the Kenyans, as the history and impression of this idea is very different than in the United States.

As it turned out, God was with every meeting and every presentation, and all ideas and notions were very well received! There is still a long ways to go to bring foster care and the precedent for foster parenting in Kenya to where it needs to get to, but much support was offered by everyone who heard the heart and passion inherent in this project, and we are all very excited for what lies ahead. As they say in Kenya, things happen “slowly by slowly,” but there is no doubt that great things are happening.

Fun Times

In addition to business, this past week was a lot of fun. One of the visitors from ALC, Christopher Getman, happens to be a former martial arts instructor, and gave the boys a lesson in the Brazilian style of Capoeira. The boys were also given an opportunity to enjoy an extended visit to the swimming pool, after which Pastor Mark treated all of the youths to some delicious ice cream.

The guests from ALC were able to spend a lot of quality time with the leader of ALC’s sister organization (King Jesus Faith Ministries), Bishop Emmanuel Mayako, and Pastor Mark Haywood was even asked to preach on Sunday (which he did without hesitation). There were meetings with the staff, wonderful explorations into what the boys are doing at the home – including dance class, music lessons, and more – and there was a chance to meet and visit with the three new boys who moved into the home recently.

Moving Forward

There is much to do. The local pastors who heard from both Mark and Amy need to spread the RICC vision with their congregations, and God willing, some congregants will raise their hands with the desire to be foster parents. In conjunction with that, RICC needs to work on the official foster home/parent process, and write the book on the foster parenting process. Financial support needs to be gathered so that construction can take place repairing the road, the roof, and more.

Pray for us that 2020 is a successful year, and that everything planned and set in motion comes to fruition!