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Restoring After A Pandemic

These last few years have been some wild times to live in. Throughout the pandemic, RICC has been hard at work to rescue, rehabilitate and restore the street boys of Bungoma.

In November of 2020, our first group of boys was restored back to their families! This was a bittersweet moment for the RICC staff. Bitter because we developed a strong bond with the boys who were leaving, and sweet because the results of our work have now been realized. We are so pleased to report that none (zero) of the restored boys have recidivated back to the streets. Since the inaugural group, 13 boys have been rescued and restored!

All three parts of the program (rescue, rehabilitate, & restore) are now running simultaneously. As exciting as this is, it is also daunting and requires substantial funding to do this well. As a result, we will be launching a fundraising campaign very soon! This campaign will bring in the resources necessary to operate with excellence and take care of our expanding alumni of boys.

In addition, we have added a brand new well to the boy’s home which will allow for them to have a constant source of water. This new resource will promote more hygiene and allow for further additions to the home.

We Need Your Help

There is still a lot of work to be done to the home to make sure it can handle twenty boys living there consistently (which is no easy task). We continue to monitor and assess the needs of the property and program amenities so that we can provide the best possible experience for the boys.

Whether you are a current partner or not, we hope you will consider giving toward this project as we continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and restore these young boys in Bungoma, Kenya!

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