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Answering the Call: Becoming a Missionary with RICC

The vast landscapes of Africa call to those with a heart for change, and the REACH International Children’s Center (RICC) invites you to be part of a transformative journey. As a potential missionary, your choice to venture into the heart of Africa echoes the whispers of countless dreams waiting to be ignited.

Your role as a missionary is more than a title; it’s a commitment to being a catalyst for change. From cooking meals that nurture bodies and souls to providing essential maintenance for a safe environment, your presence matters. As a house parent, you offer a haven of love and stability, while as a counselor, you become a guiding light for emotional healing.

But it’s not just about tasks; it’s about creating bonds that transcend borders. Your interactions with the children become stories they cherish, lessons they remember, and relationships that inspire. You’re not just contributing to a project; you’re weaving into the fabric of lives.

At RICC, your stay isn’t just accommodation; it’s a choice between a homestay with a local family for an immersive experience or an apartment for more independence. Whichever you choose, you’ll savor authentic Kenyan meals that nourish more than just your body; they connect you to the culture and the community you’re here to serve.

Funding your expenditures through fundraising not only empowers you to actively participate but also channels resources towards the children’s needs. Your journey to Africa isn’t just a physical one; it’s a journey of the heart, a journey that enriches your life as much as you enrich the lives you touch.

As you step into Africa with RICC, you’re not just becoming a missionary; you’re becoming a part of a legacy of change, a tapestry of compassion, and a source of inspiration for the vulnerable souls you’re here to uplift. Embrace this journey, for Africa awaits your impact.

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